What critics say about Inaamulhaq’s performance in ‘Filmistaan Reviews’



“…But it is Inaamulhaq, who steals your heart with the most natural, endearing performance.”

Shubha Shetty-Saha @ MID-DAY  Read Full Review Here


“Inaamulhaq too pitches in a fabulous performance, his performance and body language making you forget you’re watching an actor emote.”

Taran Adarsh @ bollywoodhungama.com  Read Full Review Here


“Inaamulhaq is uninhibited, and even when his character is saddled with sentiment, he makes you believe that he is a delusional filmmaker scripting his own climax.”

Rahul Desai @ Mumbai Mirror  Read Full Review Here


“Inaamulhaq piques the emotions with perfection. The camaraderie between the pure souls who understand only the language of Bollywood is heart-warming”

Madhureeta Mukherjee @ Times of India  Read Full Review Here


“Inaamulhaq lends exuberance to Aftaab, capturing his Bollywood dreams, unwavering loyalty and business acumen maturely”

Sneha May Francis @ emirates247.com  Read Full Review Here


“Sharib Hashmi and Inaamulhaq are striven by their sense of absolute abandon that comes only to artistes who have nothing to lose except their anonymity. They are phenomenally in character, not slipping up even once in their interactive zone.”

Subhash K. Jha @ ndtv.com  Read Full Review Here


“Inaamulhaq as Aftab, a Pakistani who sells pirated Hindi movies, is impressive too.”

Anupama Chopra @ Hindustan Times   Read Full Review Here


“One thing worth mentioning here is how this actor has worked on his detailing, from the dialect that he has maintained throughout the film to the body language. He floors you completely.”

  Pratishtha Malhotra @ Cineblitz  Read Full Review Here


“Inaamulhaq is as brilliant as Aftab, neither actor overshadows the other. They complement each other.”

Paloma Sharma @ Rediff.com  Read Full Review Here


“Inaamulhaq’s carefree Aftab shine no less than Hashmi’s Sunny.. ..each actor seems to get into the skin of his characters”

Manjari Saxena @ Gulf News  Read Full Review Here


“Inaamulhaq is a natural, a gifted one, perfected the art of comic timing and subtleties of emotions.”

Pollyanna @ dhwani.mytvsoapforum.com  Read Full Review Here


“Inaamulhaq plays the role of a Pirated CD dealer in Pakistan. His character has complex shades and he manages to excel in all the shades of his character, be it emotional or dramatic or comic he is simply mind blowing.”

talkingmoviez.com  Read Full Review Here


“Both Hashmi and Inaamulhaq being endearing and likeable, though the latter is sharper.”

Shubhra Gupta @ Indian Express  Read Full Review Here


“If Hashmi is brilliant, Inaamulhaq matches up his calibre with a noteworthy flair. He is fantastic and the camaraderie with Hashmi is extraordinary. If Hashmi’s work is the pivot, Inaam is just the icing on the cake.”

Mohar Basu @ koimoi.com   Read Full Review Here


“The actors have a done a commendable job be it Sharib Hashmi in the role of Sunny or Inaamulhaq in the role of Aftaab.”

Saurabh Dwivedi   @ inidatoday.in  Read Full Review Here


“Inaamulhaq as the pirated DVD vendor is excellent”

Vishal Verma @ Indiaglitz.com   Read Full Review Here


“Inaamulhaq matches step with an incredibly earnest and heartfelt performance.

Sonia Chopra @ Sify.com  Read Full Review Here


“Terrific performances from the lead pair of Sunny and Aftab (Inaamulhaq) who share perfect comic chemistry and camaraderie.”

Aniruddha Basu @ Dearcineam.com   Read Full Review Here


“It is Inaamulhaq who stole the show for me as Aftab. He brings a naive innocence to the role of a video pirate, and you empathize with him just because he loves the movies as much as you do.”

Niggamustrant @  madaboutmoviez.com  Read Full Review Here


“Inaamulhaq is perfect fit as pirate DVD seller, he will make you laugh with his one liners.”

Pavan @ tollywoodtimes.com   Read Full Review Here


“शारिब हाशमी (सनी अरोड़ा) और इनामुलहक़ (आफताब) ने अपने किरदारों को सादगी और ईमानदारी के साथ पेश किया है। अभिनय की यह स्वच्छता अब हिंदी फिल्मों में नहीं दिखाई पड़ती। दोनों नए कलाकार हैं, लेकिन कैमरे के आगे दृश्यों में इनकी रवानी देखते ही बनती है।”

अजय ब्रह्मात्‍मज @ दैनिक जागरण  Read Full Review Here


“बॉलिवुड फिल्मों की पायरेटेड मूवीज बेचकर अपनी फैमिली का पेट पालने वाले आफताब के रोल में इनामुलहक़ की ऐक्टिंग की जितनी तारीफ की जाए, कम है।”

चंद्रमोहन शर्मा @  नवभारत टाइम्स  Read Full Review Here


“दोनों मुख्य कलाकारों- सन्नी के रूप में शारिब हाशमी और आफताब के रूप में इनामुलहक़ का अभिनय बेहतरीन है। दोनों ने एक-एक सीन में अपनी छाप छोड़ी है।”

राजीव रंजन @  livehindustan.com  Read Full Review Here