Inaamulhaq in conversation with Sudhir Raikar @



Rebel with all cause and no pause

Being a thinking artist who puts conviction way above credentials, Inaamulhaq’s entry into theatre and films could never have been a cakewalk. His phenomenal leap from the alleys of anonymity to the runway of recognition has understandably been a protracted and somewhat perforated voyage. But he has no regrets whatsoever as he greets a new future of possibilities in the wake of his oven-fresh Filmistaan success, finds Sudhir Raikar in this conversation with the maverick writer-actor.

Inaamulhaq is one of those rare artists, a truly diminishing species in contemporary theatre and cinema, who worship art and activism in the same breath, who find ‘soaring high’ synonymous with ‘delving deep’, who care as much for their primordial roots as for the reassuring fruits..

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