Inaamulhaq in conversation with Pratishtha Malhotra @ Cineblitz

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Understanding mindsets is important! : INAAMULHAQ


Positive energy matters a lot which comes from the director. It reflects on to everyone on the set. I am very blessed that I have got to work with people who are very positive that reflects on the entire crew” Is something that he believes in very strongly. After being appreciated in AIRLIFT, INAAMULHAQ is all set for his forthcoming film CHIDIYA which happens to be a children’s film. He confesses that he would always be a part of films that he believes in, as he wants to be proud of each and every character that he brings to life on screen. And for other days, writing for television is what supports him and gives him immense confidence that his belief would not let him down. PRATISHTHA MALHOTRA chats up with the man of substance and more.

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