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Meet Inaamulhaq, the Iraqi major from Airlift

Rohit Bhatnagar/ The Asian Age


After winning accolades for his role as Iraqi major Khalaf Bin Zayd in recently released Akshay Kumar-starrer Airlift, the gifted Inaamulhaq will be seen next in debutante director Mehran Amrohi’s Chidiya. The actor tells us that he is very picky when it comes to his film roles. Excerpts from our conversation:


After your debut in Firaaq, you have been very selective with your roles…
I am very choosy when it comes to scripts. I don’t want to do mediocre and repetitive roles. For me, a wholesome film matters. I feel writers don’t write good scripts. I believe filmmakers have underestimated the audiences.


How do you juggle your acting and writing?
Acting comes first for me, but since I am so choosy, it is hard to earn my living with it. For the survival of my family, I write. Writing may come secondary for me, but it keeps me busy. I have the confidence that I’ll get good work.

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