Filmistaan lead actors in conversation with Chaya Unnikrishan @ DNA


Both of us are Bolly bhakts

In recent times, there have been several films on cross-border relationships, but Filmistan looks at it through the love people share from both sides for Bollywood. The story revolves around Sunny Arora, a Bollywood enthusiast who works as an assistant director, but dreams about becoming a film star. He goes along with an international crew to Rajasthan to film a documentary. En route, he is kidnapped by an Islamic group, who mistake him for an American crew member. While in confinement, he meets and befriends Aftaab who makes his living pirating CDs of Bollywood films. They bond over cinema and soon realise they have several things in common even if they live on different sides of the border. Sharib plays the funny, and endearing, film buff Sunny, while Inaamulhaq is a delight as the cynical but affable Aftaab.


What does friendship mean to you?

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